Кэппа-СтарЛордз (Kappa-StarLords) Омджпинетович (kappa_starlords) wrote,
Кэппа-СтарЛордз (Kappa-StarLords) Омджпинетович

наше видео кто-то наебнул - история одной непонятки

мы с Эльфиком на хуй взломали сервак
я лично по частям склеил этот фильм
поместил в наш блог

какой-то парень из турции в свой блог его поместил

ему Эльфик написал
Don`t delete this message!


This film was stolen from my blog - http://omgp-net.blogspot.com/

The source is here and original screenshot is here too: ДэддиВайдиоуз-нет - В комнате "Джей"- Пожилой "отец" и "сын" - Анальный херач

Original picture - http://bp3.blogger.com/_CYaul2sxGG8/R688IQCNSMI/AAAAAAAAABg/l__hHJnLXQ4/s1600-h/InTheRoomJ__Older_Dad_and_Son__Fucking.jpg

And all themes for our films are here

Why you don`t place a real source of the film. You didn`t know, but now know it.

The film was hacked and posted by this man - Kappa-StarLords and me.

You must to post our source link and name, but not bearfimatisi.blogspot.com, because it was stolen film from us and were titled its other screenshot.

парень ему ответил
TO Alpha-StarLords
Hey buddy... Alpha-StarLords

i dont know ur blogs and.. i dont use ur links..

i am uploading film and program files to RapidShare servers and.. only using my uploaded file's links

dont use ur links and dont use other's files.. do u understand it ?

yes.. i am downloading from websites..
i dont use Russian porn blogs and dont know ur blogs

may be.. u r uploading first time to internet.. may be..
i dont know..
who is know ?
u r just saying.. "i am hack it.." just ur words.. who is know ?

may be ..
u r playing in porn film.. i dont know it.. i dont know """ who r u ?????... """

i am a cub bear. i like same age same body style.. and i dont like older-mature. sooooo..
mostly my files.. mid age porn.
dont like young and slim and hairless body..

my files mostly (30-50 age) Bear files.. yes.. some time uploading older and very young-slimg gay porn.. because... just sharing to others..
but.. mostly mid age bear style

i did check ur blog.. baby.. baby..

we are not equal

if ur goal advertising
sorry baby... i dont use friends links

plss... check my hits...

thanks.. but.. sorry.. i am deleting ur msg...


i dont share new files... when ur and others understand it..

Links my files.. my uploaded files... do u understand it.. may be u r makeing porn film.. but.. this files just.. just my uploaded files.. not others and not from....

just my uploaded files..

OKEY ?????

на что Эльфик ему
что мол мне все равно
ты типа ссылку на первоисточник поставь

а этот турок ответил
TO Alpha-StarLords

Labels: __answers

Hey Alpha

if u dont want be BETA.. dont talk..

what u mean with " JUDE " word ? if ur mean.. Jewish... hahahaha...
i am Turk.. Black Hair.. Brown eyes.. Dark-Skinned...
live in Istanbul..

u r .. just.. fucked bitch...

who r u ?
how do u do blacklist my blogs ?
i dont interesting ur words..
i just sharing.. sharing my uploaded files. who r u ? dont disturb me

check ur blog..
just pics ...
just only pics.... wrinkled guys
u r just a poor human .. maded wit "blood and meat". U and I will dead.. as before guys.
dont disturb, dont unhappy

if u dont like my blog.. dont come. dont visit here.

i dont fuck as ur human.

yeah.. i am angry..
because.. from.... same humans...

u r sharing other files.. may be cracking website and thief..
after.. did u take pics ? or how u will be OWNER that pics (on ur blogs) ?

dont say to me.. that files not urs.. who r u ? look ur ass.. u will see only shits.. same ur brain

if u r trusted guy.. show to us..
go hell

Эльфик ему тоже наебнул ответ
Alpha-StarLords dedi ki...
Fuck on you, skunk!

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